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All-in-One Power Adapter for USA/EU/CA/ASIA & 150+ countries

All-in-One Power Adapter for USA/EU/CA/ASIA & 150+ countries

All-in-One Power Adapter for USA/EU/CA/ASIA & 150+ countries

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This all-in-one universal power adaptor is suitable for USA/EU/CA/ASIA & 150+ countries outlets. This is the only adapter you will need.
Works with SuperBox S2 Pro. While powering SuperBox, you can also charge two phones, a tablet, and cameras with this travel adapter! Compatible with iPhone, iPad Pro, Android, Powerbank

Compact design: Sleek and compact design suitable for traveling.
Safety: Has Overload Protection, Surge Protector, Built-in Safety Protective shutter doors prevent foreign objects from entering, eliminating the chances of electric shocks.
Colors: Black & White
Material: ABS
Size: 50x60x71mm
Package Contents: 1 x Travel Power Plug


Just the fact of the ease of use, the playback of SuperBOX S2 PRO is amazing!

David John, USA

I am 56 and tech challenged. I read the reviews and noted the comments on how easy it was to set up. IT IS ALL TRUE! Easy to set up, great directions, clear warnings.
It worked right the first time, and was so easy.

Albert John, USA

I have gone through at least 4 different Android TV boxes and this one’s a keeper! The streaming is smooth. The setup process is really easy. It works really good with the bandwidth of my internet connection. You can get pretty much anything to watch on this box. I love it!!

Emily William, Canada

Most powerful TV Box around! SuperBox S2 Pro streaming smoothly and stable. All those cheap TV Boxes with their 8 64-bit cores can’t provide such great Service that the SuperBox provides. There is a huge gap.

Benjamin Aidan, USA
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